PEF focuses on developing business solutions and investments for social enterprises that help rural households gain better incomes and move out of poverty.

In 2001, Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) was organized to administer a civil society fund for poverty reduction and community empowerment programs. Here are the 10 impactful stories representing the Foundation’s milestones during its first 10 years.

PEF primarily supports partnerships and programs that build, promote and scale up social enterprises. Find out how you can start a promising partnership with PEF.

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1st executive meeting series on Shariah financial and social enterprise

As I write this article, the Al Qalam Institute of Islamic Identities and Dialogue in Southeast Asia of the Ateneo de Davao University in partnership with the Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF), conduct the First Executive Meeting Series on Shariah Financial and Shariah compliant social enterprise at the Ateneo Pakighinabi Room, Davao City.


Towards a bigger chocolate industry in the Philippines

Chocolate will never be the same for the participants of series of events recently conducted by the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA-Manila) with the help of Alyssa Jade McDonald-Bartl (Lyss) of BLYSS Chocolate, which shed light on many chocolate related subjects. 

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Philippines tries to reignite production

On a searing afternoon in Tagum, a provincial capital at the southern end of the Philippine islands, a large truck carrying more than 200 sacks of dried coffee beans arrives at a coffee buying station.

Almost immediately and with precise choreography, a dozen workers begin unloading and stacking the brown jute sacks on a wooden pallet while men with hollow steel rods shaped like swords puncture each bag.


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Shari'ah Finance is the fastest growing investment market in the world.