PEF focuses on developing business solutions and investments for social enterprises that help rural households gain better incomes and move out of poverty.

In 2001, Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF) was organized to administer a civil society fund for poverty reduction and community empowerment programs. Here are the 10 impactful stories representing the Foundation’s milestones during its first 10 years.

PEF primarily supports partnerships and programs that build, promote and scale up social enterprises. Find out how you can start a promising partnership with PEF.

SE Alerts

ADB commits $250M for ‘Inclusive Business’

Asian Development Bank (ADB) has committed to provide $250 million loan facility to support the government’s Inclusive Business (IB) model, which has already identified three agro-business projects of Nestle Philippines (NPI), Kennemer Foods Inc. (KFI), and Rocky Mountain Arabica Coffee Company (RMACC) for their scaled-up job creation in the rural poor.


Nestle opens 3 new coffee buying stations

Consumer goods manufacturer Nestlé Philippines recently opened three new buying stations in key coffee-producing provinces, enabling farmers to have ready access for their produce.


Philippines offers soft loans to farmers

The Land Bank of the Philippines has announced the offer of coffee production loans at the interest rate of 9.5 percent to farmers.


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